Cryptonomic has been involved with Tezos since the announcement of the platform. We hosted the first Tezos NYC meetup in 2017 where we demoed the Tezos-centric tools we were already working on. Since then we have launched the Galleon wallet and a full suite of products and libraries for the ecosystem, thanks to generous grants from the Tezos Foundation.

We put in the effort to build a tightly-integrated suite of tools to make using Tezos seamless. Building with Nautilus Cloud, Conseil, ConseilJS, Arronax and Galleon, developers can cover any use case with the knowledge that every component of their system will work seamlessly with others.

Cryptonomic can help institutions, companies and individuals using Tezos with:

- Always-on infrastructure
- Development and deployment
- User tools
- Smart contract design
- Token design
- Exchange integration

We believe in the promise of Tezos to become a secure, stable and robust digital commonwealth for our decentralizing world. With its emphasis on formal methods and functional programming, we see the platform especially suited for financial applications. With our track recode of building widely-used Tezos applications and running Tezos infrastructure, we are ready to help you meet your Tezos needs. Contact us to learn more.