Intelligent infrastructure for a decentralizing world

Since 2017, Cryptonomic has built innovative software that embraces all aspects of decentralized technology.

Our team has expertise in building sophisticated, mission-critical products in both enterprise and consumer environments. We believe that software should be built thoughtfully with a focus on the people and communities it reaches.

Recent Work

Persimmon Preview


Notifications app for digital assets

Rhubarb Preview


Secure digital asset transfers using smart contracts

Project Guardian Preview

Project Guardian

Demonstrating the applicability of DeFi to institutional finance

Monadic DNA Preview

Monadic DNA

Privacy-preserving personal genomics using FHE and ZK

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  • Blockchain strategy consulting
  • Product development and deployment
  • Smart contract design
  • Smart contract audits

    Focus Areas

  • Decentralized Applications
  • Institutional Finance
  • Data Privacy
  • Functional Programming

Our team has substantial experience working across varied technological environments including; institutional finance, art institutions, biotechnology and machine learning. Get in touch with us to discuss any bespoke services.