Cryptonomic is an NYC-based startup committed to decentralization and digital sovereignty.

We provide tools and smart contracts which enable higher level decentralized and consortium applications.

By embracing all aspects of decentralized technology we will help build the economy of the future.

Our Projects


  • Nautilus
    Globally-distributed, fully decentralized
    distributions of blockchain networks.


  • Consulting
    Niche expertise in Ethereum, Tezos, and IPFS with a focus on finance, AI and technical infrastructure.

Developer Tools

  • Conseil
    Rich query API for creating web and mobile applications around multiple blockchains.
  • Maelstrom
    On-chain Ethereum and Tezos libraries for creating financial instruments, including derivatives, using token and oracles.

User Tools

  • Arronax
    Interactive multi-chain block explorer built around Conseil.
  • Tezos Wallet
    User-friendly wallet for the Tezos chain.


Nautilus provides a set of resilient and globally-distributed blockchain deployments.

We will provide full stack deployments of Tezos and other platforms on demand. Tezos zeronet support is available now.

Access to our stable test networks will soon be available upon request.


Conseil allows the creation of rich web and mobile apps around the Tezos blockchain by providing a RESTful query API.

View the source code on GitHub.

Request API access by sending an email to api at cryptonomic dot tech.


Arronax is an interactive block explorer for Tezos built around Conseil.

View the source code under development on GitHub.

An alpha version will be available shortly.


Maelstrom provides on-chain libraries for creating financial instruments, including derivatives, on multiple blockchain platforms.

It supports arbitrary tokens, including ERC20, and a variety of oracles and price feeds.

Request early developer access by sending an email to api at cryptonomic dot tech.


Cryptonomic has niche expertise in Ethereum, IPFS and Tezos.

We combine our knowledge of blockchain technology with proven track records in finance and artificial intelligence.

Request a free consultation by sending an email to info at cryptonomic dot tech.